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The JaQuel Knight Foundation is a nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to putting a spotlight on diversity and helping creators of all backgrounds achieve equity as it relates to their work. Through grants, scholarships, and community-driven events, we strive to create fair access and opportunities to aid in the advancement of dancers and creatives of marginalized communities.


We believe that equal opportunity not only maximizes the potential of creatives, but propels the culture forward as a whole. Our foundation stands with the underserved and underrepresented in the entertainment industry, and stands as an active resource for their procurement. The JaQuel Knight Foundation was established to impact, inspire, and encourage the next generation of artists - the true heartbeats of our mission as we dedicate ourselves to the communities that drive culture and change.




The JaQuel Knight Foundation recognizes the systemic disadvantages disproportionately faced by people of color, and has made it its goal to provide resources to people who come from underserved or underrepresented communities.

We are committed to amplifying the voices of those unheard and empowering those creators to share their unique stories.

We believe that protecting the minds and the people behind the art is worth the fight. JKF is on the forefront of a movement for artists’ rights, and strives to create a system of protection for artists by giving them the tools to protect themselves and their IP. Through its most recent collaboration with Logitech For Creators, JKF helped ten young creators copyright their viral dance moves - a monumental step in legitimizing ownership over their work. JKF focuses on the needs and art behind each individual - and the value they bring - helping to put the power back in the artists’ hands, and ensuring everyone has a seat at the table.

A key pillar of the JaQuel Knight Foundation is building a community that supports each other, where artists and creators can feel respected and valued. We believe in fostering a culture that is inclusive to people of all kinds and
promotes collaboration, whether it be through dance, movement, or another form of artistry. Our initiatives bring people together across industries and across the globe, broadening young artists’ creative networks and acknowledging our greater responsibility to pave the way for the next generation. We know that together, we are stronger - and we can drive real change.


In its first year, the JaQuel Knight Foundation worked vigorously to raise funds to provide financial support to dancers and the creative community amidst COVID-19. We partnered with various dancer relief organizations across the nation in order the launch The JaQuel Knight Dancers’ Relief Fund, providing grants and meals to dancers and creatives whose lives and work were impacted by the pandemic. Through its various initiatives, the Foundation raised $207,305.36 in its first year.

Started during the pandemic, BATTLEZ is an online virtual dance battle where top choreographers go head to head, showcasing their catalogue of iconic visuals to raise awareness and funds for dancers struggling during COVID-19. The events saw legendary choreographers from some of your favorite works tell their stories and memories working on some of the greatest dances of all time, and brought the dance community together from all over the world.

JKF x Everytable partnered to provide meals to the dance community in March and November of 2020. Dancers and creatives impacted by COVID-19 were able to pick up healthy meals as part of the giveaway. JKF also served NoHo Nursing home and homeless in Skid Row, with over 3,000 meals donated.

The Debbie Allen Dance Academy and JKF co-hosted a 12-hour IG Live Dance-A-Thon with a roster of celebrity guests including Cardi B, Chaka Khan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and more. The event saw numerous dance performances from some of the world's most renowned dancers and choreographers, and raised money for creatives communities impacted by the pandemic.

The Passion Project Grant was initiated to provide funds to artists of color to support their creative projects during these trying times. We granted $6,000 each to 3 different start-up projects started by BIPOC creators.

In July 2021, the JaQuel Knight Foundation partnered with Logitech for Creators to help ten creators secure copyright of their choreography, paving the way for BIPOC artists to own and monetize their creations.

JaQuel Knight x Tucker High School


The JaQuel Knight Foundation, a 501c3, was established to uplift the next generation of artists by providing resources to marginalized communities. The JKF mission is to create partnerships, raise funds, and develop programs that pours into a diverse body of creatives to become more informed and equipped on their journeys to empower their communities and inspire those beyond. 


Through a Social Lens

JKF creates a platform for unique storytelling from a diverse body of artists. The tools and resources provided aid in creating stories from a myriad of views, experiences and backgrounds - that are rooted in feel good and do-good narratives. 



We facilitate programs within underserved communities that foster an environment of learning, creativity, and mental & physical wellbeing.  


New School

Through dance, music, and other art mediums - JKF is dedicated to encouraging individuals to pour into  their passions and create their own systems of change for a  better world - for generations to come.




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